November Updates

It’s been awhile since our last blog post. We’ve been dedicating our time on creating the most suggested features and the usual bug fixes. Get featured on our landing page today with your testimonial about us! All you have to do is simply email us at and where you left us a comment at aka Chrome Extension, Chrome App, Firefox Add-on or iPhone App by December 1st 2015! There will be 3 users that will be picked at random once the deadline has been reached! Furthermore, here is a list of what we’ve released along with what we’re going to be releasing!

List of what we have released:

  1. Light/Dark UI Setting
  2. Improved the overall load time for Papaly
  3. Fixed the Negative Followers bug
  4. Typos brought to our attention by our awesome users
  5. Speed Dial droppable feature fix
  6. Updated landing page
  7. Notes inside Extension
  8. Fixed Import for large bookmark files “1000’s of bookmarks”
  9. Firefox New Tab and currently adding on a opt out of New Tab option

List of what we will be releasing soon:

  1. German language support
  2. Offline Version
  3. Subcategories
  4. Widgets

We currently have over 20 different feature requests that we will be making! We want to thank you for all the wonder suggestions and helping Papaly grow to what it is today! Your votes matter inside our UserVoice Forum to help us determine which features to release first! Sign-up is anonymous so don’t be show and cast your vote or suggestion today!