What is to come with Papaly

We hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Years! Papaly hit numerous milestones for 2015. Not only did we grow to over 200,000 users but our product has been shaping around our users. We’ve received thousands of feature requests and suggestions. The suggestions and feature requests help shape Papaly to what it is today. We want to thank you for contributing and helping us grow! 2016 will be even bigger for Papaly as our team is constantly expanding! Furthermore, here is a list of what we’ve released along with what we’re going to be releasing!

List of what we have released:

  1. Chrome Extension speed and caching
  2. Desktop Notifications
  3. Smarter Speed Dial
  4. Bug Fixes
  5. Firefox New Tab w/ customized options

List of what we will be releasing soon:

  1. Optimization of memory usage within our Chrome Extension
  2. Updating our iOS application

Thank you everyone for helping us reach over 500+ 5 star ratings for our Chrome Extension!