Social Bookmarking | The Past and the Future

Social bookmarking has been around since the mid 2000’s with two major sites taking reign of the niche, Delicious and StumbleUpon. There are many types of social bookmarking niches available that fit the needs of many users. For example, Pinterest is a place to explore new and creative photographs that include the sources link to that certain picture. Another example would be Reddit where users submit the latest news and videos which users then vote upon. There has been one niche of social bookmarking that has been lacking over the past years and that has been an actual visual bookmarking site. Sure there has been some browsers trying to become the dominate bookmark manager but there hasn’t been a major bookmarklet since Delicious. This is where Papaly comes into play trying to reform the existing state of the online bookmark manager.


Benefits of using a social bookmarking site is always having your bookmarks at the palm of your hand,  and be able to explore new content where ever you go. With Papaly you’re able to sync across operating system from mobile to desktop just as long as you’re able to connect to the internet. You’re also allowed to make your personalized profile open to the public to share with the community or personal use only. One of the main reasons why consumers use social bookmarking is because of the ease to access their content. One of the major factors that attracts a lot of users is how it helps with your productivity by cutting down time and frustration. One of the many frustrating examples is if you’re trying to find a webpage you previous found on a search engine which is no longer there. With Papaly you’re able to search for that keyword in our search box and it will show up with a list of relevant links to that keyword you entered in.


Social bookmarking has a long history with marketers looking to boost their websites ranking with posting their webpage(s) among numerous bookmarking sites. There is a lot of benefits that can help boost your sites visibility and traffic. However, over the years social bookmarking sites have been prone to abuse such as link spamming. There are sites that are primary used as link farms just to boost their authority. Search engines will penalize your site if found posting your links across these so called link farms. Where there is darkness there is light and that’s where quality compels over quantity. Social bookmarking is a smart strategy for any business or site that is looking to network with others. If you take the time and promote quality and interesting information you will see great results in your sites growth.


Social bookmarking has seen many sites rise and fall over the past decade but there is still a massive growing user base. What the market place needs is a unique bookmarklet where you’re able to discover and share content. This is where Papaly comes in and offers a free bookmarking service like no others. You can make your profile social and explore other interesting content or you can make it for private use only. Papaly offers a variety of different features ranging from personalized profiles to syncing across operation systems and networks. No other site compares to Papaly in the current social bookmarking market and this is why we’ve has been growing at a excessive rate. We bring to you a social bookmarking site that will revolutionize the way you bookmark and discover content.


From the rise and fall to the current state of bookmarking something needs to change. Change can be a good thing. Which is why we need to revamp the current state of bookmarking into something that hasn’t been seen before. Of course there will be some doubts and concerns but that comes along the lines of change. So what are you waiting for and come try us as your own personalized bookmark manager.