What is to come with Papaly

We hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Years! Papaly hit numerous milestones for 2015. Not only did we grow to over 200,000 users but our product has been shaping around our users. We’ve received thousands of feature requests and suggestions. The suggestions and feature requests help shape Papaly to what it is today. We want to thank you for contributing and helping us grow! 2016 will be even bigger for Papaly as our team is constantly expanding! Furthermore, here is a list of what we’ve released along with what we’re going to be releasing!

List of what we have released:

  1. Chrome Extension speed and caching
  2. Desktop Notifications
  3. Smarter Speed Dial
  4. Bug Fixes
  5. Firefox New Tab w/ customized options

List of what we will be releasing soon:

  1. Optimization of memory usage within our Chrome Extension
  2. Updating our iOS application

Thank you everyone for helping us reach over 500+ 5 star ratings for our Chrome Extension!


November Updates

It’s been awhile since our last blog post. We’ve been dedicating our time on creating the most suggested features and the usual bug fixes. Get featured on our landing page today with your testimonial about us! All you have to do is simply email us at support@papaly.com and where you left us a comment at aka Chrome Extension, Chrome App, Firefox Add-on or iPhone App by December 1st 2015! There will be 3 users that will be picked at random once the deadline has been reached! Furthermore, here is a list of what we’ve released along with what we’re going to be releasing!

List of what we have released:

  1. Light/Dark UI Setting
  2. Improved the overall load time for Papaly
  3. Fixed the Negative Followers bug
  4. Typos brought to our attention by our awesome users
  5. Speed Dial droppable feature fix
  6. Updated landing page
  7. Notes inside Extension
  8. Fixed Import for large bookmark files “1000’s of bookmarks”
  9. Firefox New Tab and currently adding on a opt out of New Tab option

List of what we will be releasing soon:

  1. German language support
  2. Offline Version
  3. Subcategories
  4. Widgets

We currently have over 20 different feature requests that we will be making! We want to thank you for all the wonder suggestions and helping Papaly grow to what it is today! Your votes matter inside our UserVoice Forum to help us determine which features to release first! Sign-up is anonymous so don’t be show and cast your vote or suggestion today! https://papaly.uservoice.com/




RSS Feeds

We’ve just released the highly suggested RSS feed feature. Papaly’s RSS reader is a great way to keep updated with your favorite sites along side of your bookmarks. To be able to add a RSS feed to you Board simply click on Create Category>Feed>Insert RSS feed URL. The RSS feed URL should be posted on the site you want to attach. Note: Some websites do not have a RSS feed. If you would like to see a feature we don’t already have go to our Uservoice Forum and send us a suggestion!


September Updates

We’ve been extremely busy going through all the feature requests and suggestions everyone has been sending us! Below are just some of the features that we’ve released. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact section or support@papaly.com if you want a new feature!

  • Russian language support (French and German coming soon!)
  • Explicit filter
  • Notification emails setting for board alerts
  • Secret URLs to share private boards
  • Theme Support (Currently only for New Tab but will release to boards!)
  • Bug fixes
  • Upgraded filtering system to cut down on spam
  • Share individual categories

We keep in mind that we don’t want to over stuff our users with handful of features so we’re currently only picking highly sought after requests. Some screenshots below of some of our latest releases!

New Settings:



Share Category:



Theme Support for New Tab:



July Updates

It’s been quite the hectic 2 months for us and will be releasing even more requested features!

List of what we will be releasing:

  1. Multi-language support
  2. Re-branding
  3. Secret URLs
  4. Multi-browser extensions
  5. Updated Help page

List of what we have released:

  1. Better internal search
  2. Co-ownership of public and private board
  3. Improved import
  4. Simplified the top bar to save space
  5. Firefox Add-on syncing
  6. Speed up load times
  7. Better tutorials
  8. Spam prevention

Co-ownership boards are officially live!

We’re proud to announce co-ownership boards are officially live! You can invite people to your board by sending them an invitation via email. You’re able to see who is pending and who has accepted your invite. You will now see the new Co-Owner button located inside your Boards. This feature allows you to invite users to a public or private board. Stay tuned for a lot more exciting features to be released in the coming weeks!








May Updates

We’re in the process of releasing a lot of exciting features that you’ve all been waiting for!

List of what we will be releasing shortly:

  1. Be able to hide the Inbox
  2. Password Protected Boards
  3. Internal Searches
  4. Simplify the top bar to save space
  5. Open tabs into a single Category feature
  6. Disabled New Tab to Google and New Tab Glitch

List of what we have released:

  1. Be able to Unfollow Boards
  2. Open tabs into a single Category feature
  3. Add notes to Categories and Links
  4. Tutorial  for the new UI

We want to thank you all for the amazing suggestions and growing with us. If you have any suggestions or feature that you want us to make you can submit it to our Uservoice.

Screenshots of our upcoming import makeover: import 04import 02 import 03 import 01

New Interface Updates

We officially released our new interface! We’ve been going non-stop ever since the release fixing bugs, releasing suggested features and replying to every single person that has reached out to us. We’ve literally received hundreds of suggestions, interface concerns and bugs. We will be rolling out new features along with corrected features to make Papaly simplified and to have the best possible user experience!

List of what is to come due to user requests and suggestions. Thanks everyone that has reached out to us to make all our existing and upcoming features possible!

  1. Be able to hide the Inbox
  2. Be able to Unfollow Boards
  3. Password Protected Boards
  4. Internal Searches
  5. Disabled New Tab to Google
  6. Add notes to Categories and Links
  7. Tutorial  for the new UI
  8. Simplify the topbar to save space
  9. Open tabs into a single Category feature
  10. Optimizing our Firefox Add-on

The list goes on but these are the major updates that we will be rolling out. Ones with the most user requests are going to be our top priority along with releasing hotfixes for any bugs. Hope everyone enjoyed the released and thank you all for all the feedback along with a smooth transition!