New Interface Updates

We officially released our new interface! We’ve been going non-stop ever since the release fixing bugs, releasing suggested features and replying to every single person that has reached out to us. We’ve literally received hundreds of suggestions, interface concerns and bugs. We will be rolling out new features along with corrected features to make Papaly simplified and to have the best possible user experience!

List of what is to come due to user requests and suggestions. Thanks everyone that has reached out to us to make all our existing and upcoming features possible!

  1. Be able to hide the Inbox
  2. Be able to Unfollow Boards
  3. Password Protected Boards
  4. Internal Searches
  5. Disabled New Tab to Google
  6. Add notes to Categories and Links
  7. Tutorial  for the new UI
  8. Simplify the topbar to save space
  9. Open tabs into a single Category feature
  10. Optimizing our Firefox Add-on

The list goes on but these are the major updates that we will be rolling out. Ones with the most user requests are going to be our top priority along with releasing hotfixes for any bugs. Hope everyone enjoyed the released and thank you all for all the feedback along with a smooth transition!

Firefox Add-on

We’re proud to announce that we’re officially apart of the Firefox Add-on Store! If you previously installed our Firefox beta add-on please delete the add-on and replace it with the current version inside the Firefox store. Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t allow New Tab functionality with any of their add-ons unlike our Chrome Extension. I hope you enjoy our Firefox Add-on since a lot of you have been requesting it for weeks now!


April Updates

We officially hit a 200+ 5 star rating milestone this month for our Chrome Extension! We’re also releasing our upgraded version 2 iOS application in the iTune store this week. Papaly has been growing immensely over the past couple months and we appreciate everyone’s support! We’re also releasing our new main UI in the coming weeks! It’s currently in beta and working out the kinks before releasing it to production. Thank you for choosing Papaly and growing with us. -Papaly Team




Upcoming Suggested Features

As Papaly continues to grow so does it’s user requested features. We rounded up all the top suggestions and starting putting our efforts into to making them possible. Our first priority is to make sure Papaly runs flawlessly without any bugs and to make our user experience our top priority. If you have any suggestions feel free to share your idea(s) on our Uservoice page!

List of upcoming features we’re currently working on.

  • Official Firefox Add-on release:
  • New Main UI
  • Explore Page
  • Open all links inside category in new tab
  • Collaboration boards
  • Android Application
  • Private Sharing
  • Search Engine Selection
  • Thumbnail View
  • Dark UI Version/Theme Support
  • Manual upload of bookmark HTML file in Chrome Extension
  • Minimizing/Hide Features and Categories
  • Merge Categories
  • Upgraded Undo Features